About Tim

Tim is a body psychotherapist and workshop leader. He worked as an environmental scientist and campaigner on pollution and energy issues for many years, whilst becoming increasingly involved in personal growth work. He has a bodywork practice in Hove and is a Director of the Brighton School for Embodied Therapy (BSET) where he runs workshops and trainings in a number of body-centred disciplines. 

Tim has a Diploma in Deep Bodywork from the Entelia Institute, is certified by the International Center for Release and Integration (ICRI) as a Postural Integrator, and has an ICRI Diploma in Advanced Somatic Integration. He has also trained in Authentic Movement with the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, and has an Advanced Diploma in Embodied-Relational Therapy. He is a full member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy, and an Associate Hospital Manager for mental health services in Sussex.


Tim Brown